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Dish Wash
Dish wash is the item used for cleaning the crockeries and used utensils. The food residue and oil make the crockeries dirty and need to be washed. This returns the original shine and look of utensils back.
Glass Cleaner
Glass cleaner is used for cleaning the items made with glass. The crystal and transparent look of the glass needs to be cleaned using the right cleaner. It cleans eyeglasses, showpieces, windows, etc.
Room Freshener
Room freshener is the consumer product, used to eliminate the bad odors of rooms. it is mainly used in the residentials and commercial hotels. It helps in making the person feel refreshened and rejuvenated after entering the room.
Steel Cleaner
The steel cleaner is used for cleaning the products made with steel. The metal surface gets clean with no spec of stain left. The cleaner also reduces the grease and oily residue from the steel products.
Toilet And Bathroom Cleaner
Toilet and bathroom cleaner contain special composition of chemical ingredients that clean the germs and infection causing microbes collected on the bathroom as well as toilet surface.
Pet Products
Laundry Liquid
Laundry liquids are the detergent in liquified form. The liquid is used for cleaning the dirty clothes and removing the stains. In compassion to powder detergent, liquid is preferable for the washing machine cleaning.